GLX 1.3 problems

Hello. I’m trying to use Pbuffers in a program. My problem is, I can’t even get as far a glXChooseFBConfig. It always returns NULL. Even when I use the default attribute list. I have an nvidia card (geforce3) and I am using the 1.0-1251 Does the nvidia drivers support GLX 1.3? I have no trouble compiling or linking my program, it just doesn’t work

Heres what I have:

Display *dpy = glXGetCurrentDisplay();
// tried this to: dpy = XOpenDisplay(0);

// this ALWAYS returns NULL
GLXFBConfig *fbc=glXChooseFBConfig(dpy, DefaultScreen(dpy), 0, &numfbc);

Anyone have any ideas?

Nvidia drivers do not yet support the 1.3 spec, only 1.2

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