GLwMDrawingArea visual not supported


I’m using OpenGL on an ORIGIN 2000 SGI and I am running an application using OpenGL but I get the following information from the OS:

Xlib: extension “GLX” missing on display “”.
Error: GLwMDrawingArea: requested visual not supported

I know OpenGL is installed correctly so does this mean there’s some hardware limitation or my environment isn’t pointing correctly to right files?? Any comments are appreciated.

Origin systems are servers they have no graphics capability, although technically it could be added, these are scalable systems but it’s really the ONYX systems that come with graphics (they are pretty much equivalent otherwise). You may also be trying to display remotely on an X server that doesn’t support OpenGL (looks likely from the output) and the display environment varible is set to the IP address for the X server.

Your login shell script may just be setting the display to the IP address of the desktop you’re at (fairly sensible) or trying to do something else. It really depends on your setup.

This display is set by your environment variable DISPLAY. If you have an X server available that supports OpenGL you could try:

setenv DISPLAY servername:0.0

or if you’re sure the origin has graphics capability just:

setenv DISPLAY :0.0

Then run your graphics program.

It’s not a good idea to run graphics applications on a server without a display :-/

You should probably talk to your admin about these issues, they’ll be able to give you guidance on the correct configuration and the capabilities of your Origin and X servers.

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