does this actually work for any one?
any code simple samples of this working?

im using radeon 9600xt driver v4.10

Works for me with 65 series Forcewares and a 6800GT. No problems at all. I don’t have any sample code on this computer, though

heres some psudeo code of what i do:

// compile
// link

//then i parse my shaders:
p.handle = glGetAttribLocationARB(program, "weight");

// bind my shader

// get a struct to get my handle
	Shader::Param* w = shader->GetParameterByName("weight");

// enable

// bind array
	glVertexAttribPointerARB(w->handle, 4, GL_FLOAT, GL_FALSE, 0, skin->GetMeshMat().vertexBuffer->weights.GetData());//skin->GetMeshMat().vertexBuffer->positions.GetData());
// render using glDrawElements


my handle ends up being 1, this seem reasonable?

what i get is a generaly black mesh which flickers blue (i use the weight value to set the frag colour)

it was (maybe still is) a driver bug when using it in display lists on ATI, outside of a display list it worked fine

hrmm, the ogl2particle demo here:

works fine, but the skinning demo in in the first link causes my PC to reset.

ogl2particle demo they manually set the attributes index before linking, something i wish to avoid (im wanting it done automatically by the linker).

i modified thier program to use glGetAttribLocationARB after linking and it still works? could it be that they are using glDrawArrays while i use glDrawElements?

also here is a link to my app:

i have a rectangle, and on my video card it shows up blue/black in colour but it should be all black.

definately a driver bug. tried it on a nvidia card and it works fine.

Have you tried Shader Designer with a shader that uses tangents and binormals? Shader Designer uses glVertexAttribArryARB for the vertex attribute plugins, and I haven’t received any bugreport about that fact.