GlutInit without command line arguements?


Hopefully this isn’t too stupid a question…

I’ve been working with a sample program (WaveInFFT) which uses a lot of windows API commands (It’s in C++). I want to take the information the program is generating and use it in an OpenGl visualization program.

The problem is that there is no void main(int argc, char **argv) (or int main) and hence I can’t call GlutInit as it needs the arguements argc and argv. The program does run by the way, although without a main() I’m not really sure how. There are obviously other styles that work also.

Is there any way around this problem either by getting these arguements somehow or otherwise calling GlutInit with dummy variables?


If there is no main, then it means it’s somewhere else (in a library or header file).

To get the argc, and argv on a windows machine, include windows.h and use __argc and __argv instead of argc, and argv.

That worked MLeo, thanks a million!

I just had to change it to ( &(__argc) , __argv );

I really appreciate it.