glutGameMode help?

hi guys,

I’d like to find some more documentation on glutGameMode. I’ve found information at the following sites:
(this one is kind of ironic)

But there really aren’t any good comprehensive tutorials that I’ve found out there, and all of the ones I found in the archives are dead. Does anyone know of some nice, still valid tutorials on glutGameMode that I can use?

Also, a question about mouse navigation. I found ShowCursor(false) in another thread, but is there a way I can set the cursor to the center of the screen every so often (probably in my physics state loop) so that I can just get how much the user has moved the mouse with PassiveMotionFunc(), without having to worry about hitting the window edges? I’m doing a 3D simulation with WASD navigation and mouse steering, so this is kind of crucial.

many thanks,

You can move the cursor with glutWarpPointer .

Awesome! Thanks for the help. one last question, though, just to be sure… If I switched focus with Alt-Tab, glutWarpPointer would stop moving the cursor, right?