glutcreatemenu + textures = crash why? how to debug

i ve some problems in my project for the college.
i m using debian with eclipse and cdt.
the programs works, but if i want to include the menu with glutCreateMenu (I call the function in the main), my program crashs and all i get is a black screen, the only solution is a reboot.
but not at the first click, sometimes i can reopen the menu many times. before i get a black screen i see the textures in difficult colores (freaky). but the time is to short for a screenshot.
without textures the menu works and the programm doesnt crash.

my questions:
how can i debug (with eclipse)?
how can i find the error? ( i get no error message crash message etc. only a black screen)
i think the programm/system crashs only if i use textures and call the menu with the mousebutton.

i hope you know what i want and sorry for my bad english.

thanks for reply

please help me :slight_smile:

code would help. does this appear on other systems too

thanks an answer g
yes the program crash although on other pcs.