glut32.lib problem (borland cbuilder 4)

whenever i link to this file (through the glut.h header file), i get this error:

D:\OTHER\TOOLS\CBUILDER4\INCLUDE\GL\GLUT32.LIB’ contains invalis OMF record, type 0x21 (possibly COOF)

i tried using the implib tool to convert vc++ dlls, of which i downloaded many from different destinations, to borland libs…but that didnt work either. I even downloaded borland libs and the same thing happened, any tips?

thanx in advance,

I don’t know about converting DLL’s to library files.
But the error sounds like the glut.lib is bad.
There are a few people on here that use borland maybe can give you a link to a borland compatiable glut library file.

Another thing is from what I have seen people are using borland version 5+, I do not know if the library you have will work with version 4. Which also could be the problem.

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I had a similar problem a while back. Try using coff2omf (located in the same directory as the rest of the BCB tools) on the .lib. Should work.

i cant find that tool…wtf? maybe its cause by cbuilder is old (only version 4) - so the tool aint shipped with it…