Hi, my name is Chris and I’m brazilian.
When I use GLUT with OpenGL in Visual C++ 6.0, I always got a message like this: "The OPENGL.DLL dynamic library was not found in the specified path: C:\WINNT; C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32 ; C:\WINNT\SYSTEM…

try puting the dll file in the path then

You probably should not be using opengl.dll, but opengl32.dll.

Hi again.
I apreciate those replies.

-I’ve tried to pull that DLL (opengl.dll) in the path, but I got another message: “GetPixelFormat was not found”
-I’m using the default OpenGL DLL’s that come with Windows. (actually, opengl32.dll and glut32.dll are linked with my projects through Visual Studio)

Any hints or tips are welcome.

Hello again.
Good news: I got it!

-I think I was still missing to put the glut32.dll in the executable files directory (‘debug’, in Visual C++), as long as that error was appearing just on the execution process…

Thanks a lot.