glut with ms-vc and asus gf2

When using ms-vc 6.0, asus gf2, glut and building debug app, the asus opengl driver breaks even before the app gets really started, as if there had been a breakpoint.

When building a release, it works fine.

Has anyone encountered this problem and found a solution?

i use ms-vc 6.0sp4, asus v7700 deluxe 32mb, glut 3.7.3. everything works fine.

try changing the display driver. i use win98se/dx8/detonator_v7.17

hope that helps,


Thank you for your comment. I use vc-sp4 and glut272 too and the latest non-beta driver from asus v5.33. I dont want the one from nvida, since I want the video functionality. I use windos2000 and I have also experienced this problem on another w2000 computer with another type of asus gf2 card.

It breaks in context: ANVGLNT ! 02aa251e

02AA251E jmp 02AA256B
02AA2520 mov eax,1
02AA2525 ret
02AA2526 mov esp,dword ptr [ebp-18h]
02AA2529 xor edi,edi
02AA252B xor esi,esi
02AA252D cmp dword ptr ds:[2AAA114h],edi
02AA2533 jne 02AA256B
02AA2535 push 2AAA640h
02AA253A mov eax,[02AAA630]
02AA253F push eax
02AA2540 call 02AA27E0
02AA2545 add esp,8
02AA2548 test eax,eax
02AA254A je 02AA255A
02AA254C mov dword ptr ds:[2AAA4E8h],edi
02AA2552 mov dword ptr ds:[2AAA10Ch],edi

I meant glut373

And here is the call-stack:

NTDLL! 77f82247()
NTDLL! 77f8bfcc()
NTDLL! 77f8c618()
NTDLL! 77f889c0()
KERNEL32! 77e8723d()
OPENGL32! 6952a023()
OPENGL32! 69533415()
OPENGL32! 69533fe6()
OPENGL32! 69533655()
GDI32! 77f5354f()
GLUT32! 10009d60()
GLUT32! 10009886()
GLUT32! 10009d82()
GLUT32! 10009f61()
GLUT32! 1000a15d()
GLUT32! 1000a59b()
GLUT32! 1000a620()
glutCreateWindow_ATEXIT_HACK(const char * 0x02a81008) line 497 + 38 bytes
main(int 1, char * * 0x02a81000) line 292
mainCRTStartup() line 206 + 25 bytes
KERNEL32! 77e992a6()

that’s 99% a problem with the asus-specific drivers. i bet with detonator 3/4 you won’t have these problems any more. if you don’t want the generic nvidia-drivers infect your system :wink: try the asus 6.31 final instead…


Where do you see this driver for w2000? I can see a version 3.84d RC1

but unfortunately the win2k-drivers are still based on 5.33 ;-(

Have the same problem with ASUS v7700 gf2gts on win2k SP2, vis studio 6 SP 5. Using latest drivers from ASUS. I have had same problems with debug versions not running on different cards and platforms. Recon it’s opengl32.dll that’s causing the drivers to error.