GLUT windowposition


Is it possible to change the window position with glut after the init ? I mean the distance from left side and top of screen.
Its because I start fullscreen but when I resize to windowed mode my window is part out of screen.
I coudln’t change windowposition than with glutInitWindowPos, I tried with windows api call like this:

	switch (key) {
		case GLUT_KEY_F1: 
					window = GetForegroundWindow();
					MoveWindow(window, 100, 100, 640, 480, true);
					fullscreen = false;

But then my window has no frame… no titlebar and stuff, just black retangle.

glutPositionWindow(int x, int y)?

When in doubt, look in the header (glut.h).


…and get a copy of the glut reference manual. It’s free and it’s a pdf. (glut-3.spec.pdf)

Oh sorry, I tried glutWindowPosition instead of glutPosition window :slight_smile: . I had a reference once but I lost it, i’m downloading it right now :slight_smile: