Glut was a dead end and why i do not use it?

I was thinking… i can’t code modern opengl beacuse shaders are very complex. So i started glut. I made a basic game engine loads maps from files…
And have basic obj loader.
But graphics are bad also really sharp and jaggy textures…
I ask my friends… everyone says dont use glut .
But i like glut. Everyone says glut is outdated donts use unless if you want your game
look like PS1 era.
But why its more easier than modern opengl.
I thinking glut was dead end or not.
I using original (22 years old glut/glaux mixed weird library called glagux.h)
but i googled glagux again but no results.

GLUT has absolutely no effect on how your rendering gets done. You can draw extremely smooth graphics with GLUT, and you can render extremely poor graphics without GLUT. GLUT does not in any way control what your graphics looks like.

You seem to be confusing GLUT with compatibility OpenGL features.

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