glut & stereo with gcc

Why doesn’t the code

	  // Initialize the openGL state.
	 glutInit(&argc, argv);
	// Set the display flags.
	 // Create a window with above specified characteristics.
	fprintf( stderr, "Stereo: %d 


invoke a stereo graphics context when compiled with gcc (Interix under NT), but does with VC++? Actually, it used to, but doesn’t anymore. I have no idea what the problem is, if it is hardware or software, or what. The program actually gets to the print line (0 on gcc, 256 on VC++) rather than responding with “visual with necessary capabilites not found” error, so it does something with GLUT_STEREO. It gives identical results when the stereo capability is turned off, i.e., it goes merrily about its business when it should terminate… What would cause glut to reject the request other than inadequate hardware?

Nothing. You have inadequate HW without stereoscopic support. I do not know any graphic card with stereoscopic cupport in drivers for Linux. On PC it works for graphic card listed on