GLUT problems with windows?

I have been working with GLUT for window creation and keyboard/mouse input.

I have compiled programs with glut using both Lcc-win32 and Dev-C++, and get this bug that the program will not exit correctly when the [X] button is clicked on. They keep running in the background and I have to use a CTRL+DEL to end it. The problem has to be in the exe file since it does it on other computer I run the file on.

This is a problem with Win32 GLUT.

There is a hack in the WM_DESTOY handler to attempt to exit immediately instead of passing the message on to the parent handler. I recall this was done to avoid faults with boards which also have DirectDraw active, like NVidia.

I had to modify the GLUT32 code for SciTech GLDirect to avoid such exit anomilies, which showed up differently on the various Windows platforms.

The updated GLUT32 source is posted on their public Perforce server at /public/src/glutw32.

You might want to try your app with the GLUT32.DLL which comes with GLDirect. This should work as long as your app is linked against the import library, ie, dynamic build option.