glut - multisampling, working only with 4 samples

hello together,

i try to get multisampling to work, with 16 samples.

I initialise with glutGameModeString, samples<=16. I also tried =16, =8 and so on.
After testing i get all the time 1 buffer and 4 samples, really everytime.

Grafic card supports 16 samples and i have the newest version of freeglut.

Maybe someone got a equal problem or can help me?

Which OS and GPU vendor/drivers? For Linux/NVidia, here are some tips: link

Since I’ve last looked at this (again on Linux/NVidia), looks like NV has added some new X visuals with > 4 samples (8, 16, 32) so that may be an option now. But forcing it with the other methods should still work too.

Also, if you use FBOs, you have explicit, programmatic, and cross-vendor control of the number of samples via GL calls. Then after rendering, just do a Blit downsample from that to a 1xAA system framebuffer – that’s probably the most portable route nowadays.

Ok, thanks so far.

I could run my program @ nv either ati, os: windows (7 64 bit).
So U think I have to do here some specified settings?

Maybe U can give me a reason why samples… isn’t working for me?

Sorry, no. This is a Windows/WGL question, and I primarily dev in Linux. You should post this question to the Windows forum.