GLUT library -not a problem just a question

At first i have to say that my english is very bad, excuse me for that! I’m an absolute Newbie in programming OpenGL. I’m just reading the OpenGL Spuperbible to get start in OpenGL. The last 2 hours i’m reading in this forum and i’m impressed how many usefull informations there are.

My question is: is the GLUT library just for testing and learning OpenGL or is it a powerful and fast library which game developers use it?

AFAIK, people only use it for learning purposes, and maybe for demonstrations. I feel like glut takes away some flexibility from the programmer. But thats my opinion, I don’t know whether it slower or not,but it might be.

the purpose of GLUT was to make a platform-independent method of creating windows that complemented OpenGL. It is very useful for demos and making full programs. Some say that it is slow, but most of the time you use no more than ten commands anyway. You can use it for any OpenGl purpose.