Glut.lib and Glu.lib error

Ahhhhhh one problem fixed then another pops up… Well anyway my problem is that when my compiler is linking it comes up with an error :

“‘C:\windows\desktop est\glut32.lib’ contains invalid OMF record, type 0x21”

Please help!!!
Thank you

Oh ya im using Borland C++ verion 5
but the gl code alone works perfectly but not the glut or glu stuff. Also i forgat to tell you that i get the same error with glu32.lib.

Thanks for the time.

I don’t use Borland myself (VC++6) but I think you have to rebuild the GLUT library for Borland. I think that the one you are using may have been built for VC++. Do a search on this board for “Borland glut” or similar. This has been discussed before.

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just like ffish said…
i think that you have to build the glut especially for borland…

you have to convert the GLUT library to the borland format…
first, you try to go to the command prompt…find the folder which contain the glut32.dll. And then, you type this: -

implib bcglut32.lib glut32.lib

try that first…


Thank you guys really helped! and now i can finally get to play around with Opengl!!