glut install for mandrake

i have tried following the directions in the glut-3.7/linux/README file with no success. it all seems simple but i can’t get glut to install. does anyone have a tip for me?
i am pretty sure the steps i have taken are in accordance with the installation procedure, but when i go to the step requiring me to run a ‘make’ command from within the /lib/glut/ directory, the message printed to the commandline says something like: “cannot find glu.h”
where do i get glu.h from?!!!
also, where should i install it? i assume next to gl.h ?
where is a good place to install glut-3.7 in mandrake-7.2?
thanks for any help.

  1. Off topic, should be in the Linux forum

  2. launch “urpmi Mesa-common-devel” as root