Glut in Linux

I am new to programming Opengl in linux…Can you use glut in linux too? If not is there something like using glut for linux? thanx

RTFM. Yes you can use glut in linux. It comes with most distros if it didnt come with yours google( it. OGL and most things for it come to linux before win because M$ sux and they dont support OGL. You may also want to look into SDL.

If you are a rookie linux programmer I suggest that you should use GLFW (found in google - I don’t remember exact link). It’s much better than GLUT and as simple in use.

How can I put the header files in the right places? Do I have to…like in VS? Do I just put the glut.dll in the project?

You can cd /usr/include and make sure that all your opengl headers are in /usr/include/GL, and if they are not you can copy them like cp glut.h /usr/include/GL/glut.h, or something like that, you could also use the gui interface to do all the same things. Once everything is all set, glut.lib, or glut.a, or libglut.whatever), or all the above should be, or placed in /usr/lib, and to compile glut g++, or
gcc file.c -o file -lGL -lGLU -lglut -lm(g++, and gcc take the same args, but g++ is best.) Don’t use kdevelope, and there is no form of VB, or basic of any kind on linux. For and editor, use advanced editor; don’t use kate, or kedit for programming, but some people like emacs, or for the command line lovers pico.

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