Glut.h and cstdlib


I have a short program that will produce random numbers using just an #include <iostream> or #include <cstdlib>.

If I also use #include <GL/glut.h> I get an error that there is a redefinition of exit.

I can either get random numbers OR be able to use exit(0) with a mouse click but I can’t seem to get both.

I am using MicroSoft C++ 2005 with OpenGL.

Try to include <cmath>

rand() is not included in cmath

fyi, rand() is in <cstdlib>, and you need to include glut after any header that declares or includes exit (e.g. stdlib). There’s a commented section in glut.h that explains the details if you’re interested…


Yes, now I am getting random numbers (or better yet randomly colored dots) and can still exit from the menu.

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