GLUT: Fatal Error depending on who's logged on

I’m using Windows XP Home Edition. All other specs shouldn’t really matter cause this worked fine before.

I’m lately using my sister’s laptop to program away from home. It’s been fine for about a week… but now whenever I try to execute a glut program (compiles/builds fine), i get
GLUT: Fatal Error in [file]: failed to create OpenGL rendering context.

Now when i log into my sister’s user login, it doesn’t happen! What’s going on?!?

It’s odd that everything is fine for a week, then mysteriously stops working on my logon, and only works on my sisters.

Anyone have any explanations?

I have exactly the same problem. In fact, if I just start my computer, open my session, close my session and open it again, everything will work fine. But the first time I start my session I will get a Failed to create OpenGL rendering context in whichever opengl thing I try to start.

Also, I can start the first session on another user (and opengl won’t work) then either shut down this session or just switch to mine, and then opengl will work.

I’ve got an Hercule Prophet II Titanium (GeForce 2 Titanium). I’ve tried the latest NVIDIA driver (53.03) and Hercule ones (40.41) but that didn’t helped. However, when having uninstalled those driver (in order to switch between them) I saw that the standard windows driver can use the opengl correctly even on the first session load, but I get only one hundredth of the usual speed – perhaps it’s using the software implementation in that case.

Anyway, if anyone know how to solve this problem I would be pretty happy to hear about your solution

Thank you a lot,
Patrick-Emmanuel Boulanger-Nadeau

nope, never figured it out. you have the EXACT same problem. if i get the error, i’ll just randomly log off, and log back on. Doesn’t really matter who’s name i’m on. And it’ll just miraculously work.