glut error

hallo everybody,
i have posted again the same topic but the answer unfortunatelly didn’t help
i receive the error message :“glut fatal error can’t create opengl rendering context”.the problems seems to be inherited in all open gl applications such graphic demos ,applications as matlab and windows environment.of course i have also problems with my opengl projects in visual c++ that also do not work.they do compile without errors but they don’t run.i must say that all these used to work perfectly until sth can i recover all open gl files into my pc?

Have you verified that opengl32.dll and glu32.dll are in your Windows system32 directory? On pre-XP systems the DLLs could get trashed but on XP the DLL cache mechanism should keep them where they belong.

If they are there then at least you should get the minimum MS GDI software renderer for any GL app, including the GL screen savers.

If this is still a problem then perhaps something is wrong with you HW accelerated driver installation. First try reinstalling the driver package from your graphics board vendor which usually includes their GL driver.

If that does’t fix it you might have to hack the GL driver entries in your registry as last resort. Look under HKLM > Software > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > OpenGLDrivers for clues.

hi and thanks a lot,
i checked all these and they are o.k. though i don’t completely understand the last one with hkml…
i’m using windows xp and everything should be ok.i’m getting mad i can hardly run any graphics applications.the only thing that seemed to make the situation better is disabling the hardware acceleration from the display properties menu.i’m using nvidia geforce mx 440.what next? format the hard disc?if you have any more ideas i’d be greatful!thanks a lot

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