GLUT buttons

Hi, is there any way to include things like buttons and pull down menus with glut? By buttons i mean the things you have at the top of IE.

No, I do not think so. This is one of the limitations with GLUT. Even if you managed to add the resources to your program is the message loop in the GLUT library so you would have to hack GLUT itself.

You can use GLUI for that. I used it a while ago, and I really liked it because it was really easy to use.

It includes buttons, check-boxes, radio-buttons, trackballs and a few more commong controlls.

I think GLUI is a part of the GLUT-package you can download.

Download where? i got glut and i have never heard of GLUI, please explain…

Here is GLUI:
In the GLUT-package is MUI and it is also other similar libraries but you can not do a windows native UI like in IE with GLUT.

Thanx mango! This will come in VERY handy fer those school projects

Hey, mango, the GLUI library, it wont link fer some reason… I use DEV-CPP and MSC++, and they refuse to link it, do u know why?