GLUT app behaves badly on XP SP2

I made a small implementation of Conways Game of Life using GLUT. It works well and my machine, on XP SP2 machines the code compiles and runs, but the graphics screw up.

I’m using Dev-C++ with the GLUT dlls, files and libs that can be found at:

An HTML export of the project:

Pictures of what it looks like on Win98 and XP SP2:

I’m really stumped as to why this is… as far as I know there’s nothing /wrong/ with the code.

Could this be an OS/drivers issue?

Thanks in advance,

2 things :
you don’t clear the z-buffer (use glClear(GL_COLOR_BUFFER_BIT|GL_DEPTH_BUFFER_BIT); ) .

in the reshape function, you don’t get back to modelview matrix after refreshing the projection matrix.

last : you shouldn’t put actual code in headers, but I guess you know that.

Thanks for the tips!

I’ve implemented them, though took a little effort to re-structure things so as not to have actual code in .h files. I had to change a GLuint const quadsize = 20; i had for a #define 'cause I kept getting an error about it already been defined in glut.h (no matter which var name I used). I don’t know why i got that error.

I haven’t been able to test the code on an XP SP2 machine yet…


PS: I also updated the HTML files online.

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