I want to make a 3d application with glut and glui with a menubar “open”, “close”.
My probleme is to make this menubar, there is mui but it doesn’t work so good.
How could i use the win api just to make menus et “open” dialogbox ? Is it possible to “join” glut and mfc just for this use ?
I’ve seen that it is impossible to use both in some case. But i found the answers given were not clear.
Please help me !

What GLUT functionality do you really need? Building an MFC app that uses OpenGL isn’t particularly difficult. If you need any GLUT functionality other than the window it creates, you’ll have to figure out how to write it yourself.

Rule of thump:

GLUT and MFC dont mix to well.

If you use MFC, that means you write app on windows, why use GLUT then?