glut and ARB_Multisample

i’m using glut for window handling and want to implement antialiasing using ARB_Multisample … is there any possibility to do it this way??
creating window and choosing pixelformat theams to be no problem … normally i have to destroy the window and create a new one using my new pixelformat … but this exactly is my problem …


My answer: don’t use glut to create the window. And you’ll have to use ARB pixel format calls.

Check out the redbook example, multisamp.c. In particular, look at …


glGetIntegerv (GL_SAMPLE_BUFFERS_ARB, buf);

glGetIntegerv (GL_SAMPLES_ARB, sbuf);


This works fine for me with GLUT on OS X:

glutInitDisplayString(“double rgb depth=16 samples=4”);