gluQuadric Collisions

Hello all,

I am writing a program where I use gluCylinders & gluSpheres to compose my scene. These cylinders and spheres can move around the screen by user input. My problem is that I need stop their movement when one of the cylinders or spheres intersects another. Stopping them is no problem, but I’m having trouble with the collision detection. Does anybody have any ideas or know of any resources to point me on the right track? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

P.S. I searched the BB already, and while I found lots to do with collision detection, I couln’t find anything relating it to gluQuadrics.

A gluCylinder and a gluSphere are nothing more than cylinders and spheres. OpenGL itself isn’t going to tell you when they intersect. It’s a graphics library, not a collision library.

Look up how to test for collisions between spheres and cylinders.