GlunurbsError (Invalid Enumerant)

Hello everyone…
I warn you, I’m french so my english isn’t still good.
I have a big problem…I’m doing an opengl/C++ project on VC++ express 2008.
In fact I used gluNurbsProperty with GLU_NURBS_TESSELATOR to return some geometric primitives (normal vectors,vertices…)
In a first the program could not compiled because GLU_NURBS_TESSELATOR is available from glu 1.3(vista got glu 1.2)
After i download mesa for using only his glu.h instead of vista glu.h. Now my program compiled but I have a nurbs error “Invalid Enumerant”. This is a part of my program which is wrong:

gluNurbsProperty(theNurb, GLU_SAMPLING_TOLERANCE, 25.0);
gluNurbsProperty(theNurb, GLU_DISPLAY_MODE, GLU_FILL);
gluNurbsCallback(theNurb, GLU_NURBS_ERROR, (void(__stdcall *)(void))nurbsError);
gluNurbsCallback(theNurb, GLU_NURBS_BEGIN, (void(__stdcall *)(void))beginCall);
gluNurbsCallback(theNurb, GLU_NURBS_VERTEX, (void(__stdcall *)(void))vertexCall);
gluNurbsCallback(theNurb, GLU_NURBS_NORMAL, (void(__stdcall *)(void))normalCall);
gluNurbsCallback(theNurb, GLU_NURBS_END, (void(__stdcall *)(void))endCall);

I sough everywhere without success. In my opinion it’s wrong from NurbsCallBack but I don’t known why!!!
Please…help me

can someone help me???