GLUI Problems on Powerbook G3 Series

I am using GLUI in order to code OpenGL apps for MacOS, Linux, IRIX, and Solaris.

The problem is that GLUI apps crash at runtime on my Powerbook G3/250 Series (whether I use my own programs or ones others have compiled). The same app will run fine on a G4 desktop and other desktop macs. I am using OpenGL 1.2.1 and the newest SDK from apple (the v1.0 SDK didn’t work either), MacOS 9.0.4, and running with the MacOS 9.0.4 base-only extension set.

I have found that by disabling the “ATI 3D Accelerator” extension, the programs do NOT crash the MacOS, but no GLUI controls are drawn.

Has anyone out there successfully used GLUI on a Powerbook G3 Series laptop? If so, can you offer any fix-it advice?


Are you sure it is just glui stuff? Now I always get (on quit) error 2, app has died with glut. For my apps and the demo ones.
I am using a power book g3/450 with
RageLT Pro and opengl sdk 1.2, and mac os 9.1. This isn’t too much of a problem but it kills the os at times as well…


Yup, I have no problems with GLUT applications (well they can be a bit flaky on the Mac compared to other platforms but they don’t crash). So far, only the GLUI apps bring down the OS.


have you ever installed mac osX?