I bought the Computer Graphics using OpenGL published by Prentice Hall to learn OpenGL and computer graphics.

I am having a difficulty in building the OpenGL codes presented in this book. I have downloaded and installed all the dll, lib and h files into proper folders in Windows/System as well as Visual C++ 98 Lib & Header folders. I have no problem compiling the codes but whenever I tried to build the OpenGL codes, an error message appeared :

LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file “Glu32.dll”
Error executing link.exe.

When I checked my Windows-System folder, the Glu32.dll is already there. Then, I visited OpenGL site and downloaded and installed the GLsetup but the error message persisted. I wonder what wrong I have done. I would greatly appreciate if anyone can show me how to tackle this problem. Otherwise, I may have to carry on with my Java 3D. I wanted to try out OpenGL as I found a setback in Java 3D especially its garbage collection that slows down the system.

Thank you.

Jong Hang, Siong

Think you should try to link with glu32.lib instead of .dll