Glu my polygons?


I want to tesselate a non-convex polygons using the glu routines.

  1. How can I obtain the tesselation trinagles’ vertices in the same vertex order of the given original polygon.

  2. Is it necessary to have an OpenGL context created to proerly call the tesselator routines, because I don’t use any OpenGL commands?



Please help me with my problem.

Help. Help. Helllllllllppppppppp.

Hey. Help me with my problem.

In all the time you wasted in making these dumb replies you could have instead by now figured out that you can’t get the generated vertices from the glu functions and have written your own. Please search the boards before posting next time, this has been asked for years.

Also, what does this have to do with advanced coding?

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Could you please tell me where are those posts?