I am a very new user with OpenGL and Glut. I have an assignment that I need to do for school. However, every time I try to compile it, it says that Glu.h isn’t found. Of course, when I take a look, I can’t find Glu.h on my system anywhere. It didn’t come with the Glut download. Where do I get the Glu.h so that I can add it to my include folder?

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Glu isnt actually part of GLUT. Try downloading and installing mesa3d from

glu.h should be in either /usr/include/GL or /usr/X11R6/include/GL. If you’re on a Redhat system, it is part of the XFree86-devel package. I don’t know about other systems. You will also need to link your program with ‘-lGLU’.

When I got stuck, trying to compile glut opengl, I also got errormessages, with the description from the book I used.
I solved it by taking the redbook example ‘simple.c’, overwriting this file with my own code and used the makefile that came with the glut examples
That way i got my code to work afterwards. U shoul also make sure that u’ve got glibc installed, and glut, with the demopackage.
I also updated the GNU GCC compiler.

It sounds to me like it a link path or include path problem. The command that you use to compile your program should look something like:

gcc -I/usr/include/X11R6/include -L/usr/lib/ .... 

Note that the -I switch is used to specify the include path and the -L switch is used to specify the link path.

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