glu/glut/glaux ????


Im about to embark on my first OpenGL programs in C++ and I was wondering if anyone would reccomend staying away from GLUT or GLAUX? I understand that these are non-standard openGL libraries. Does it basically mean that just because I get something working useing GLUT or GLAUX on my machine that it mightnt work on someone elses because they dont have the right files installed? I want to write OpenGL/C++ code that will work on both windows 98 and NT. By the way - I know what GLUT is, butIm not sure about GLAUX. Can anyone please help?

Thanks alot everyone.


GLUT is very powerful and easy to use, so I would certainly not tell you to stay away from it. But after all, it depends on what kind of applicaitons you are making. GLUT is perfect for smaller applications, which don’t require that much user interactions (demos, smaller games). GLAUX is very similar to GLUT, but GLAUX uses static libraries (GLUT is dynamically linked) but is no longer in development. GLAUX is Win32 only.

And if you think that some of your users don’t have GLUT installed, then just ship glut32.dll along with your program.

If you want to use Windows only, the Win32 API is also an option.

Regardless of what you ultimately intend to do with OpenGL in the future, I would reccomend using GLUT for your first few programs. This way you can jump into actually using OpenGL without having to hassle with the Win32 API, etc. It’s certainly not going to mess up your style or anything Also, while GLUT isn’t part of the OpenGL standard, it seems pretty well established.

I myself use GLUT, and GLAUX. GLUT seems to be rather easy to use for my simple projects - I’m still a beginner at GL, but already I have had some nice little effects!

Good luck in the future,


Many thanks everyone for your replies.

I feel a little steadies now!!