GLU for 64 bits Windows?

I’m trying to port OpenGL software to 64 bits and I encountered a linker error, regarding the GLU that is used by the
software for tesselation of polygons. The errors are like ‘unresolved external symbol gluNewTess’, and makes me believe
that I need a 64 bit version of GLU, but couldn’t find one. I am using VS 2005, but VS 2012 is also available on another machine.
Can anyone shed some light please? Thank you.

Problem solved. I needed a 64 bit glu32.lib and found it in the Windows SDK. I renamed it to glu32x64.lib and moved it to the source code folder.
After this the code compiled to 64 bits for the debug version, but the linker crashed when building the release version.
There is a bug in the compiler when optimizing for 64 bits and M$ won’t fix it for VS 2005. Tried the same code in VS 2012, builds the release version no problem.

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