GLTVector3: undeclared identifier.


i have inserted this type in my code:


but compiler shows the error “undeclared identifier”.

I have included glut.h, glu.h, gl.h and glaux.h.

Original code includes OpenGLSB.h and GLTools.h but i didnt find them in my pc. What are these .h files?

If you use third-party code you must be aware that it may use third-party libraries (that are of course missing on your pc). :-/ I have no idea what this *.h files are, but the author of the original code will probably know it.

Ask the the folks who wrote the original code.

Took less than a minute to find this on the internet. :rolleyes:
It seems to be a part of the OpenGL SuperBible:
Download the GLTools.h and OpenGLSB.h (u-hu, “OpenGLSuperBible.h”) are inside there.
Come back if you have a real OpenGL question.