Has anyone heard of any hardware support for glslang in Linux?

I just got the OpenGL orange book (shading language), and I’d like to use it with Linux…

NVidia? ATI? anyone out there?

I know that I saw a working glslang beta of the ati drivers at the last siggraph…

NVIDIA’s GLSlang driver is in beta. Give it a month or so.

it will be in Detonator 60
(it was a small honor about 60.30/60.42(from Cebit 2k4), but looks like it’s only for OS Windows right now)

I’ve got GeForceFX5900.Would it be usable for GLSlang? :confused:

Yes, that hardware should be supported by the compiler.

Does anyone know if there are any GLSL compilers out there that will produce cg code? I’m starting on a project using GLSL but I need something to work with until nvidia’s drivers support it in linux.

It’s out Hoohoo!

GLSlang support…

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