glslang shaderObject errors

Thank you for reading this post.

I am experienced with OpenGL 1.2 and its fixed functionality, and so I have decided to learn glslang over the summer. I have purchased the orange book on the OpenGL Shading Language by Rost, and I find this an excellent book. I have a basic understanding of the red book as well (version 1.2), but little experience with programming with extentions. Currently I am trying to write some very simple shaders and introduce them into the rendering pipeline of OpenGL. However, I am experiencing some compile errors with the new extentions and function calls that are introduced in glslang.

This is my problem:
When I call ‘glCreateShaderObjectARB’, ‘glShaderSourceARB’, ‘glCompileShaderARB’, ‘glCreateProgramObjectARB’, ‘glAttachObjectARB’, and ‘glLinkProgramARB’ I receive an error message in VC6.0 - “undeclared identifier.” I believe that this implies that I am not including a header file correctly, or my header files are out of date. I believe that my glext.h file is current (I just replaced it today and it was about 100k larger than the previous file). The previous function calls were the only things added to an otherwise working “spinning cube” program.

I’m sure this is a question that has already been answered on the boards, but I have searched through them and was unable to find the answer. As I said, I am unexperienced with extentions in general. Any help would be appreciated.

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go to google and search for ‘GLEW’; follow the first link.

It’s a utility that should help get you up to speed (and keep you up to speed) with the constant extension updates.

happy shader coding!