GLSL Orientation

Hi everyone! i need so help here to get the most correct approach to openGl. Im a visual artist. i`v Processing skills and since a time ago im trying to expands the visual possibilities learning GLSL (fragment and vertex shaders). My intention is generate a soft that allow me to navigate into a 3D world. My reference is “versum” a tarik barri soft develop with glsl and max.

Neverthless, some of the visual effects are out of my knowledge, just like the particle-dissolve effects, and alpha blending. I think, also, that is a little bit difficult shaders programing in processing.
Im lost, most of the openGL books and resources that i found talk about a low level of openGl programming and i dont know how to implement in processing.

I need somebody who clearify my view and help me to understand witch is the correct way to go.
A lot of thanks!


This requires mostly skill for particle systems. To begin you can just create many GL_POINT objects and try to optimize updating the particles position. You should also probably look into algorithms like perlin noise which is used a lot in the video. The shaders for this would be simple consisting of the position and the rainbow colours seen.

I am not sure if everything is just particle systems, but it seems like it. This kinda content would’ve probably be rendered to a video format. So you should probably learn how to do that too.