GLSL and Tiger

Will GLSL be supported on Tiger?

Are there any plans for supporting it on 10.3.x?

I wanna port my linux apps for Mac, but they are getting crippled without shading :slight_smile:


You will know the 29th of April :wink:

Apparently there is a job offer from Apple (posted the 25th of March 2005) with
Job responsibilities include:
GLSL compiler design and optimization

So, I let you figure out …

As I said in previous post, you can use GLSL by using Cg 1.3 which can convert your GLSL back to ASM (or you can use Cg straight to it).

It will works for all nVidia video cards (this is the way it works on Windows).

It’s not perfect, but it’s the closest available. And it will works in MacOS 10.3 as well.

A part that, Panther will “fully OpenGL 1.5 compliant” according the web site.

I hope there will be some bug fixes found in Panther:

  • Fixed software ARB vertex program,
  • glMultiDrawElementArrayAPPLE missing (it’s in the spec!),

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