GLSL: a few questions about sampler3d

Im new here to this forums.
I appologize, if my questions are too rudimentary for the advanced threads.

My hope is to contact anyone familliar with 3d side of the GLSL language, and whom has time to answer a few GLSL questions, as i come across “issues”.
I am trying to make a 3d shader library of GLSL(.vert .frag) programs.
My current shader project is “flowing fur” in 3d, on a sphere.
The image i attached to this message shows the effect in action.

My Project, Where:
Im a newbie with using uniform sampler3d in GLSL.
Hardware for GLSL is version 1.20
Defining a 3d texture file in a .frag using: uniform sampler3D FurDirection;
I need to make a new .dds file, or use a prexisting one named

The 3d texture must be 128x128x128
Mipmap levels = 8
Origin Top/Left

Please answer any/all Questions concerning sampler3d:

  1. How can i write the shader to call the file directly without using “uniform”, like this: sampler3d filename?
  2. What is a .dds file?
  3. How do i make 3d textures for uniform sampler3d FurDirection; ?
  4. What formats aside from .dds does GLSL #Version 1.20 support for the 3d textures?
  5. Are the .dds files convertable from any main stream 3d graphics editors?(if yes, which?)

General questions about GLSL:
6. Are there any other main forums threads where i can find more information about GLSL, or is this the right place?
7. In the event that my new thread is in the wrong place, Can a mod move my new thread to a more appropriate place?

-Thank you in advance,

GLSL doesn’t actually know about files on the disk. All the data that shaders deal with is passed to it through OpenGL function calls. I wouldn’t say that GLSL supports any file formats, as it is not conerned with what is on the disk. There are different formats of the data that can be passed into a shader that OpenGL knows how to handle. These are listed in the specification (I don’t recall what they are right now).

There is an OpenGL wiki here. It has a GLSL page and some good links.

As for the .dds format, the wikipedia article appears to have some good links at the end. There are links to plugins for GIMP and Photoshop there.

I haven’t used 3d textures before, so I don’t really know how they are generated.

Good answers, very helpful!
I was expecting it to be more complicated than this.
I really appreciate you sorting me out!

Yup here it is…found this through the links you provided.
The compressonator from AMD, it handles all the .dds and .tga files which are associated with use with sampler3d