I am a new user for OpenGl. I want to display two images on the same window.
I created a window 500 X 500. My two images size is 80 X80.
here is what I done.

glRasterPos2i( 0, 0 );
glDrwaPixel(0,64,0,64,GL_RGB,8,image1); – for the first image, image1
glRasterPos2i( 100,10 0 );
glDrwaPixel(0,64,0,64,GL_RGB,8,image2); – for the first image, image2

I t doen’t create it.

for help.

void DrawPixels( sizei width, sizei height, enum format,
enum type, void *data );

is this what you meant?

Hi !

I guess it depends on how you did setup your projection matrix. Maybe your origin (0,0) location is at the lower left corner…