glRasterPos crashing on openGL 1.5?


We’re developing an application in openGL using Visual C++ Builder, and it is crashing on glRasterPos2f/glRasterPos3f functions on never nvidia graphics boards drivers. It looks like this happens with drivers having openGL >= 1.5.
We use glRasterPos to specify location of 2D-text.

Is there any known difference in handling of that function between openGL 1.4 & 1.5?

And what’s the solution in this situation?

the solution is- post some code and wait what happens :smiley:

on my linux box i have driver 66.29 running with gl version 1.5.2 on a geforce4 mx440. never had a problem with glRasterPos.

maybe the problem is not glRasterPos itself, but something else. give us a peek into your code to see what might cause the problem.
you could post the code for a small app which uses only the glRasterPos call and nothing else.

by the way: instead of glRasterPos you could use the GL_ARB_window_pos extension with the function glWindowPos2i(x, y). with it you can set the raster position for text output using 2D window coordinates.

Well, the source of the application itself (rail vehicle simulator) is a number of files, few of which uses glRasterPos just like in this example:

WriteLog("Models init OK");
glRasterPos2f(-0.25f, -0.15f);
SwapBuffers(hDC);					// Swap Buffers (Double Buffering)

Or here:

if (Controlled)
glBindTexture(GL_TEXTURE_2D, 0);
glRasterPos2f(-0.25f, 0.20f);
glRasterPos2f(-0.25f, 0.19f);
glRasterPos2f(-0.25f, 0.18f);
return (true);

Step-by-step running showed that it crashes exactly on the lines with glRasterPos2f functions, and if I comment them out, it works just fine.

I guess I’ll have to try that second way, because I really haven’t a clue what is wrong here.

i’m still not convinced that the error comes from glRasterPos…what about glPrint? is that a standard OpenGL command? i don’t think so, i didn’t find it in my gl.h, so i think it’s a convenience function made by <somebody>, which could be a reason for the crash. usually i use glUseXFont (i think in win it is wglUseFont) and glCallLists(…) to display the text.

you should try to make a very simple app which- in the OpenGL part- only clears the color buffer and writes some text using glRasterPos and glCallLists.