glPushAttrib save active texture unit?

Quick question.

It seems glPushAttrib(GL_ALL_ATTRIB_BITS); doesn’t save which is the currently active texture unit. Is this correct?


Correct, there’s a client state version of that glPushClientAttrib(…).

EDIT: I think

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hmmmm… so glPushClientAttrib saves client states like active texture units eh? How do I know what a client state, and whats a server state?

I made a mistake - glActiveTexture(…) is a server state where as glClientActiveTexture(…) is a client state.

I’m actually looking at the GL1.4 spec right now ( it says which group things belong to ).

Hmmm… well glPushAttrib(ALL), doesn’t save the glActiveTextureUnit value on my system here.

Unless its a bug.

I’ll try it on my Radeon 8500 and see what it does…just a sec.

Done, it works for me.


you sure you used ALL attrib bits? and glActiveTextureUnit function?


I’m using 30.30 drivers on gf4 if anyones interested.


This is the test I used,

int Test;
glActiveTextureARB( GL_TEXTURE2_ARB );
glPushAttrib( GL_ALL_ATTRIB_BITS );

glActiveTextureARB( GL_TEXTURE3_ARB );
glGetIntegerv( GL_ACTIVE_TEXTURE_ARB, &Test );
printf( "Before 0x%X
", Test );

glGetIntegerv( GL_ACTIVE_TEXTURE_ARB, &Test );
printf( "After 0x%X
", Test );

And the result,

Before 0x84C3 ( == GL_TEXTURE3_ARB )
After 0x84C2 ( == GL_TEXTURE2_ARB )

With the same code I get.


The same value twice. It’s either a bug, or its not called for in the spec.

It’s a bug - have a look at Table 6.17 in the GL1.4 spec. It says that GL_ACTIVE_TEXTURE is part of the attribute group ‘texture’ which means it should be pushed/poped. Also, some info on pages 214/5.

This is a known bug that will be fixed in a future driver release.

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Originally posted by mcraighead:
[b]This is a known bug that will be fixed in a future driver release.

  • Matt[/b]

Known now, you mean?

Just out of curiosity, is it fixed in 30.82?