glPrioritizeTexture vs GL_PRIORITIZE_TEXTURE

Or actually glPrioritizeTextures vs glTexParameter(,GL_PRIORITIZE_TEXTURE,) but title length is too short.

I just saw in OpenGL 2 specification that we could handle prioritized textures with glTexParameter… Awesome! … but what the point of glPrioritizeTextures or is there any difference? According my reading glPrioritizeTextures overwrite GL_PRIORITIZE_TEXTURE command. Am I right? Is that all?


It’s just a convenience function and performance optimization.
The glTexParameter can be used to set the GL_PRIORITIZE_TEXTURE property for a single texture object currently bound.
(Texture parameters are recalled automatically on every glBindTexture.)
Use glPrioritizeTextures() to change that same priority for a set of multiple texture objects at once. No need to bind and call glTexParameter individually.

Thanks, exactly what I was expecting!