glOrtho problem

I can view the object when I put the x and z eye position of gluLookAt() to 1-6 values with a glOrtho(-3.0, 3.0, -3.0, 3.0, 1.0, 6.0). But when I try to view it top/bottom view by changing the value of y eye position of gluLookAt()… nothing appears.

Can anyone here help me out?

EDIT: Got it working.

Just a note, but it’s useful in these cases to say what was wrong and not “Got it working” so future readers might be assisted.

For example:

“Woops, my lookat vector lined up with my up vector, which was (0,1,0)”.

Oh I’m sorry.

Yes you are right with the lookat vector lined up. :smiley: