glMatrixMode error

Whenever I use the glMatrixMode function given any parameters it gives the following error :

C:\My Documents\Alex\C++\Ogl\OGL.cpp(41) : error C2065: ‘glMatirxMode’ : undeclared identifier

The line that gives this error is :


If anyone has any idea why this is happening please help.

Check your spelling.

I copied this code off a book so it is unlikely that they mispelled.

glMatrixMode…if it’s written in a book, it doesn’t mean that it’s spelled right.

Sory it was my mistake. But I spelt it right in the cpp file.

See what I mean I can’t even spell “sorry”.

Thanks for all the help. I managed to fix it. The error wasn’t in the glMatrixMode line it was in some code I wrote before. Sorry to bother everyone.

Not to kick a dead horse or anything, but ‘undeclared identifier’ errors can not propogate from another part of the code. They are always isolated to the line that generated them. That error was a result of the line it was telling you was at fault.

I’m only telling you this to save you time of scanning over code in the future when you come across something like this again.

anyway, happy graphic programming.

Actually my compiler has been screwing up quite a bit lately (probably because of all the junk I’ve been installing on my computer) so reinstalling it would probably be a good idea.

Well it wasn’t really code that was screwing it up it was not properly conected files I just didn’t feel like saying “I can’t even link files properly”.