GLM::ORTHO reverts Y-axis. Why?

I’m using GLM library. And when I initialize orthographic perspective the Y-axis gets reverted, the positive becomes down. How do I revert it so that the positive is up but still use glm::ortho? Thanks.

glm::mat4 projection_mat = glm::ortho((float)leop_opengl_window.getWidth()*-1.0f, (float)leop_opengl_window.getWidth(), (float)leop_opengl_window.getHeight(), (float)leop_opengl_window.getHeight()*-1.0f);

Swap your bottom and top arguments.

In OpenGL, the Y axis points up (in eye space and NDC space). So your bottom should be less than your top, unless you intentionally want to flip the orientation vertically.


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