Sorry, typing up on phone so bare with me. I created a display list for 10 numbers. If I call the lists one by one, everything as expected appears. If I however try to do gldisplaylists, I get rubbish. I get a result which doesn’t appear to have a pattern.

My gllistbase is simply gllistbase(base), it should be gllistbase(base-48) if NeHes tutorial ia anything to go by but I do that, nothing appears. Ive tried ibcrementing by 10s but the only way that anything appears on the screen is if I have what I have right now. The pointer in my print function to my char set shows the right value but yer no idea hoe to debug further :(.

EDIT, If I simply have gllistbase(base) I only get 0s aappearig, gllistbase(base+1), I get only 1s appearing etc. It seems that I get something like 2 vales showing up every 10 or so. Not sure what this all means, I dont see the pattern.

Try this link, it could be of help regarding how to properly do it.

Had a read, couldn’t find any information that works help me sesolve the problem, I’ve read the theory on display lists before, can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong in my case.