GLIntercept on Linux

(Moderators, if you feel this is inappropiate for the OpenGL forum, delete/lock if necessary)

I have almost completed the port of GLIntercept ( (eta 1-2 months) for x86 32-bit.

However, I am very new to linux and was hoping some Linux and OpenGL guru (skilled in library creation, gcc, OpenGL, Makefile creation and packaging) could contact me to help resolve some issues and questions I have. (I won’t require any coding help - just someone to point me at best practice - well perhaps a little makefile coding)

If you just want to be a tester (I will need plenty of those as I only have a single rig to test on) let me know and when it is in a testable state, I’ll give you access to a beta copy. (First version will be 32-bit Intel only)

Email address is: dtrebilco (at)

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