GLIntercept for x64

FYI: A few weeks ago I released a new beta of GLIntercept that includes debugging of x64 applications.
The x86 version also includes some minor bug fixes.

NOTE: Use the x64 version only for debugging x64 bit applications, not if your OS is x64.

Does it work on Linux? Linux desperately needs better GL debuggers.

At least gDebugger is now free, but I would still like a more integrated system like NVIDIA and ATI do for Windows (looking at you NVIDIA…).

Same goes for OpenCL debuggers on Linux too…

There is also GLSLdevil, but that has not been updated since OpenGL 3 and it dies when you using something from >3.0…

GLSL debugging by far is the hardest…

I have some patches for Linux support to enable, but it is limited to the logging side of things - the shader editor will probably not be ever updated by me.
(Unless something drastic happens and I end up doing OpenGL on Linux in my job)