GLGroup class


I would like to implement a GLGroup class which would contain a collection of OPenGL objects (spheres, cubes etc).

In this class I see that there would be a pointer keeping track of objects list and some members like
and one

My main problem is that I want to be able to select those objects on the screen and tell which one I have selected somehow

so in the selection mode I will have a

loop over objects

But I add/delete objects from the list how do I keep track of their names?

You associate the names with the objects, it is entirely up to you what you want to do with the names. The name does not have to be a list index, it could be cast from a pointer for example.

could you please give me a brief example of how you would write this class?

I’m not talking about writing a class, I’m talking about storing a pointer to your class as the name.

Or you could use an array of pointers and use i as the index you sent to the pick stack, however I’d just go with the direct cast and cast back.

I don’t understand what you mean by “the direct cast and cast back” can you pls give me an example?

Yeah dorbie, give him an example :stuck_out_tongue:

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